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Automotive Articles & Resources

Useful information relating to car ownership and care, car service and repair, auto servicing, warrant of fitness / WOF requirements and anything you may need to know to fully enjoy your car!


Dreaming...of an auto repair shop that thrives on excellence

"If you're dreaming about something you can do on your own, you're dreaming too small!... Dream big, scary and outrageous dreams - the kind that would make other people laugh if only they knew." Brian Houston

Dreams expand you.
Dreams fill you with hope.
Dreams challenge you.

What is the size of your dream? 

We may still be in Lockdown but that actually creates a lot of time and space to think and dream, don't you think?

Keep dreaming.

PS: We are working on how we can open safely for contactless car repair and service, including WOF and the various other vehicle related services. We will update on our website and social media so watch this space. As always, grateful for your support.