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WOF for your car and vehicles in Whakatane during COVID

Warrant of Fitness

It appears the news flow is in a state of flux so we are constantly getting information out to our customers via this website as well as social media as soon as we are aware. You can follow us at

This is the latest from the Motor Traders Association:

WoF & Insurance

Insurance Council NZ has confirmed to MTA that you are still insured if you have an accident and do not have a current Warrant of Fitness due to the current Covid Alert Level (4 and 3), so long as you are not aware of any safety issues with your vehicle that will make the vehicle unsafe to drive and likely prevent you from getting a WoF.

As always MTA recommends not operating vehicles without a current WoF.

The above is just information we have received and the best is to confirm with your insurance company and check the relevant government websites for the official policy. For your own safety and your loved ones, please make sure your vehicles are safe to drive at all times. 

Hang in there....we will get through this!