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What can you do to keep your car well maintained during COVID lockdown Alert Level 4?

Hi there! Hope you are staying safe during this lockdown. We have done it before and will do it again. 

As per the directive to minimise movement to only essential travel, this might mean your car is not used as much during the lockdown but there are certain things you can do to keep your car safe and well maintained during this time.

Firstly: Do start your car from time to time. Newer models have batteries that can last longer but if you have an older car or the battery is very old, you might need to start your car for a while every couple of days to keep the car battery from draining completely. (Hint: it is cheaper to keep it running than to replace it.)

Secondly: You can make sure your car is safe to drive.

From the NZTA website:
It is still a requirement that vehicles must be safe to operate on a public road. At a minimum, vehicle owners need to self-inspect their vehicles using the TWIRL procedure (tyres, windscreen, wipers, mirrors, indicators, rust and lights) to assess their vehicle’s safety, using the guidance on our website. If you think your vehicle is unsafe, either don’t drive it or arrange for a WoF/CoF.

Drivers must continue to comply with all other road rules, as well as any relevant restrictions of their licence (e.g. learner licence restrictions and zero alcohol licences). Any licence suspensions, disqualifications and revocations will also continue to apply.

See NZTA website FAQ for COVID related questions on WOF and inspections:

Thirdly: Why not take the time to keep it clean and give your car a nice wash / "spa treatment"? ;)

Stay safe everyone!