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Not a car post, but we are SUPER PROUD of all our Olympians (esp those from the Eastern Bay!)

7 Gold, 20 Medals !! AMAZING !!!

Well, that concludes the Olympics! New Zealand is a tiny nation yet managed to snag 7 Gold medals (20 overall, a new record for the country)!!! Simply...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I've always wondered, what's the secret?

The athletes don't get a lot of funding until they have already proven themselves. And even then, unless you are in a sport that naturally attracts a lot of sponsors, it does not pay well. Many of them competing at the games even have to keep their day jobs in order to keep the dream alive.

Passion, dedication and hard work are prerequisites. We recently took on a young apprentice whose dream is to compete at the 2024 Olympics. So he wakes up at 5am to train. Comes to work at 8am. Finishes at 5 and goes straight back to training.

Try doing that for days, weeks, months and years. Day in and day out.

Try doing that and compete against many other talented and hardworking individuals, all chasing the same dream.

Try doing that and failing in competitions from time to time, yet picking yourself up, and go again at 5am the next day.

Try doing that, without any assurance that you will actually achieve your dream (the mental fortitude you gotta have!!!).

Gosh...I seriously take my hats off to those who even made it to the Olympics to compete, let alone win a medal.

As you start your week, what are you going after? May the tenacity, passion and dedication and sportsmenship displayed in the last 2 weeks inspire you forward.