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Car Care Tip: Car Wiper Blades are essential for clear vision and safety!

Did you know:

- You vehicle may be deemed not roadworthy if the windscreen wiper is not working or ineffective?

- Frost, heat, insects(!!!), UV rays etc can cause even high quality rubber blades to degrade after 6 months of use. 

To check for worn blades, run your fingers (carefully) down the car windscreen wiper blade and if you can feel it is worn, (maybe it is splitting or pitted), then it is time to change the rubber. Sometimes it will make a squeaking sound in the rain, or it leaves uneven water patches.

Don't wait till your WOF or car service scedule. Check and replace your wiper blades and maintain visibility on the roads!

If you need help, come on in for a quick wiper blade check. 

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