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The Happiest Place in Whakatane for your Motor

YES! That is our Big Hairy Audacious Goal!!!

In case the words are too small in the article, here it is:

The happiest place in town for your motor

When it is time to take the car to an auto repair shop, it is not something people normally love or look forward to.

Joshua Fong took ownership of Stewart Motors two years ago with a vision to change all that.

“My vision for this business is that I want it to be the happiest place in town. I want my team to be happy and I want my customers to be happy coming here.”

Judging by the home baking in the staff room, brought in by customers, his vision is working.

Most people think of a business hierarchy as a triangle with the business owner at the top, telling the managers what to do, then the manager tells the staff what to do, Joshua says.

“My very first workshop meeting, when I bought this business, I told the staff, ‘I’ll like to turn the triangle around, so my job is to resource you and to serve you, as the team, and your job is to serve the customers. They are the boss.

“If I can provide a happy environment for the team, hopefully they can provide a happy environment for the customers so it’s not something they begrudge doing. That’s why we have customers who make cakes for us. Not all of them do this for us, but they do come back.”

Having inherited an excellent staff led by operations manager Steve Dain, a Hyundai master technician, and with staff like Wayne Mollett who has more than 50 years’ experience in the automotive industry and Gavin Fraser who has a ton of experience working on various car brands, has made this a lot easier. Stewart Motors is an Award winning Hyundai and Isuzu authorised service centre but recently joined forces with car dealership Ebbett Tauranga to offer Hyundai and Isuzu vehicles for test drive, right here in Whakatane as well..  

However, Joshua says they work on a wide range of vehicles, including a lot of corporate fleets and European vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz ambulances from St John.

The friendly office team of Sharlene Young and Carroll Ramlose will make your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible and with Rikki-Maria Pakuria’s All the Sands Coffee cart parked on site there is always a hot drink on hand.

TOP TEAM: The Stewart Motors team of Joshua Fong, Steven Dain (not pictured), Wayne Mollett, Carroll Ramlose, Logan Gedson, Gavin Fraser and Sharlene Young are ready to service your vehicle needs. Photo Troy Baker E1357-09