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Car Care and Maintenance Tip: Visual Health Check

Don't just wait until your next car service, stay ahead of the game!

Do you know that:

  • Poorly maintained vehicles often increase fuel consumption (ie spend more money)?
  • Just regular driving, wear and tear, can potentially render a vehicle dangerous, and possibly illegal to drive? (not fun!)

Well, there are some visual checks you can do regularly on your car:

  • Check fluid levels
  • Check that lights are operating well
  • Check that there are no warning lights on the dashboard of your car
  • See if there are any service reminders due
  • Check the underside of the car for damages and leaks (your garage floor should be clearn, not puddling with water or worse, oil)
  • Check brake pads and brake discs for wear and tear
  • Check if there are any unsual or funny noises coming from the engine or any parts
  • Check tyres for damage, wear and tear
  • Check tyres for the correct pressure (this actually improves your fuel economy!)

These are just some simple checks you can do at home. 

But if you would like us to do a more comprehensive check for you, please feel free to come in to Stewart Motors, your authorised Hyundai and Isuzu Service Centre.

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