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Car Care Tip: Batteries in Winter

Brrr! Who's starting to feel the chills! Do you know that winter (actually, extreme temperature changes) can really affect the state and health of your car battery?

Batteries are consumable items and therefore for a finite use by date. Therefore the age of the battery does affect its usability. The good news is, we can try to extend its life by making sure the car battery charging system works properly.

Extreme hot and cold weather can affect the rate of DISCHARGE of the battery. We won't bore you with the chemical reactions (something about the lead acid battery electrolyte freezing and thickening) that happens but it should be noted that a fully charged battery will be less affected by cold weather. Therefore, in winter, ilder batteries that would not otherwise fail, tend to fail as they have to work harder!

Our top tips to keep your batter in good condition:

1. Get your battery checked (if it is old, it might be worth changing, rather than find out in winter that it has failed and you can't start it)

2. Park your car in the garage and under cover if possible (just to protect it from the cold and put less strain on the battery)

3. Allow the battery to "warm up" before using the car

4. Keep all battery and its connections clean

5. Stay "tuned" for warning sounds, eg a cranking noise. This might be a sign the battery could be failing. Especially click click sounds without cranking and starting.

So, it might be a small item and we often forget about it but we literally can't start our cars without it!