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Trailers and Tow Bar Installaion, we gotcha!

Lock On Tow Bars Installaion and WOF

I wonder who invented trailers? They are such useful add ons to our cars eh! I guess the very first one would have been hitched to a horse or cow!

Today, these tow bars and trailers are so well made that they can tow up to a few tonnes, depending of course on your vehicle chassis and power. 

Given that it is an extra vehicle that is being pulled, it is vitally impotant that trailers are checked and serviced regularly. You certainly don't want one to be let loose whilst driving down the highway!

And if you're looking for a quote to install a tow bar on your car, or get a Warrant of Fitness on your trailer, come on in to Stewart Motors at 20 Stewart Street. Or ring us at 07-3088670.

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