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Safe Driving Tips (psst: check your vehicle is serviced and ready to go!)

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL country! Summer holidays are in full swing so we put together a checklist for you to travel safely !

1. Pre drive Check: Tyre pressure and tread, windscreen wipers, indicators, lights.

2. Drive to road conditions (beware sun strike!)

3. Take it easy. There are many people out and about as well, some roads might get congested. You're on holiday, chill...

4. Rest! Definitely take regular breaks and share the driving if possible.

5. Keep a safe following distance.  Remember the 4 sec rule?

6. Be patient. Overtaking can be quite dangerous on many roads. Plus, is saving 3 minutes really gonna make a difference?

Most important, HAVE FUN!!!!! Create beautiful memories on the road, and we would love to hear your stories when you next pop into Stewart Motors!

Enjoy and farewell 2020!
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