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Useful information relating to car ownership and care, car service and repair, auto servicing, warrant of fitness / WOF requirements and anything you may need to know to fully enjoy your car!


The Best Automotive Team in Whakatane! (of course we are biased. haha!)

We love celebrating our Team!

We love working hard together, and we love hanging out together now and then!

Unfortunately we are going to miss one of our members, Bence, who is moving to another city.  Bence has been such a joy to have around the office, entertaining us with his humour and jokes. You will be missed, but go with our warmest blessings and definitely keep in touch!

With that, let's welcome Logan! Logan is an experienced and qualified Auto Technician with many years of experience. WOFs, Engine repairs, Cambelt, Tyres, Car Service, sounds like there is nothing he can't do! Anyway, we are so pumped that he can help us out as we head into the busy pre-Christmas period. He has just gotten stuck right into it and it feels like he has always been a part of us! WELCOME!

Honestly, we do love cars, that's why we are in this trade. But we love PEOPLE more, and we love celebrating them.

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