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Looking for your local Whakatane Car Dealer?

So many cars, so little time!

Ok, we are biased, but we love cars. Especially Hyundais!!!!

I remember my parents bought their 1st Hyundai Elantra 30 years ago. Man, these cars have come a LOOOOOOONG way! It's like someone flicked the switch and Hyundai cars have just improved by leaps and bounds in terms of quality over the last 15 years.

Today, we are proud to be in partnership with Ebbett to offer new Hyundai cars for test drive, right here in Whakatane!

So come on in for a cuppa at 20 Stewart Street, we would love to show you some brand new shiny Tucsons or Venues!

20 Stewart Street, just across from the Whakatane Hospital