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Top tips for extending the life of your car battery

We know! It's a small little part but without it, your car literally will not start! Well, we are talking batteries today and with a little care, you can actually try and extend the lifespan of your car battery! Normally, a new battery can last for 3 years or so but with these tips you might be able to crank more juice out of it!

  • Service your car regularly. This will help prevent an inefficient engine and other vehicle components from straining the battery
  • Never leave car lights or air conditioning on while your vehicle is switched off. They drain your battery very quickly
  • Try to drive your car at least once a week to prevent the battery from becoming too drained
  • If you drive off road or on bumpy roads, check your battery as the movement and bumps can loosen its connections
  • Make sure your car battery’s terminals and casings are clean and free of dirt, dust and grit

There, just some simple tips to take care of your car battery. But there will still come a time when they need to be replaced. Give us a buzz at 07-3088670 if you need yours changed.

Stay charged, and Drive Safe!