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Driving safe in winter

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is well and truly here! It might be raining and feel a bit crummy but we firmly believe we can enjoy all the seasons, just as we can live every season of our lives to the max.

Did you see our ad in the Whakatane Beacon  recently? Some winter driving tips that were shared:

+ Keep your tanks fueled as much as possible to prevent condensation
+ Keep your windshield washer fluid topped up
+ Check your tyre pressue is correct (actually this should be done at all times)
+ Stay informed of local road conditions

+ Keep a safe distance, especially when roads are wet
+ Decrease your speed
+ Get your brakes inspected before embarking on long road trips
+ Check if your brakes are "spongy". There might be a break in the brake line or perhaps a leak

Drive safe and enjoy the winter!

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