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How to maintain your car tyre

Tyre Maintenance Tips

Stewart Motors Whakatane has some quick tips for maintaining your car tyres in good condition:

  • When you check the pressure, also do a visual check for objects embedded in the tread, such as stones or glass. These are easily removed.
  • Check for uneven wear, which could indicate a problem with the car's steering or suspension. Sometimes this happens if you driving over gravel or uneven roads all the time.
  • Run your hands over the tread and sidewalls to identify any bubbles, cuts or cracks.
  • Keep an eye on the tyres' tread wear indicators. Regularly ensure that you have the minimum tread depth required for New Zealand roads. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm. To check your tyre’s tread depth, place an New Zealand 20c coin into the tread of your tyre. If the whole of the number 20 can be seen, there’s less than 2mm of tread left on your tyres. Replace your tyres when the tread level reaches the indicators – at the latest.
  • Rotate the tyres regularly – for example, at every service.
  • When putting on new tyres, have them balanced and a wheel alignment done.

Safe driving! Remember, your tyres are literally the only contact your car has with the road.